Callippe Senior Golf Club
NCGA Tournament Policy

The CSGC supports members interested in participating in NCGA sponsored tournaments, specifically the Associate Club 4 Ball, Associate Club Championship and Senior 4 Ball events. The club will coordinate and submit the tournament registration material for those members who want to participate, but as of 2019 will no longer conduct qualifying tournaments.

The club's membership determines how many members can participate. If more applications are received than spots available, the participants will need to organize their own playoff or agree among themselves who will be the club's representatives. Each participant must have a minimum of five CSGC tournament scores in the past 12 months and pay the designated NCGA entry fee of $135 per player.

If you are interested in participating, please pay attention to the deadlines for submission of applications and click on the link below for the tournament that you want to participate in. Download the application form, fill out all needed information, and mail it with your entry fee to the CSGC PO Box at:


ATTN: NCGA Tournaments

PO BOX 1341

Pleasanton, CA 94566

Applicants will be notified upon receipt of application and entry fee and advised if any further action is needed.

NCGA Tournaments:
Associate Club Four-Ball Net Championship

Associate Club Championship

Senior Four-Ball Net Championship

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